Youth Activities

Youth activities related to aviation in Columbus, Indiana include the following:

First Flights
First Flights is a collection of Aviation based classes and projects which teaches youth low cost, age appropriate ways to learn more about aviation.  They also teach basic skills which can be applied elsewhere.  In these classes the students generally make their own project (kites, hot air balloons, rockets, balsa gliders, rubber powered airplane, wooden wing rib, etc.) and then fly them before taking them home. The appropriate age to take these classes is 9 years or older. Check out this link to learn more information on First Flights.  

Young Eagles
The Young Eagles program is conducted world-wide by the EAA.  Our Chapter in Columbus sponsors four or more Young Eagles Flight Rallies per year.  Youngsters from ages 8 to 17 take a ride in a small airplane followed by pictures with the airplane and pilot.  Participants receive a certificate for their flight and are registered in the Young Eagles Logbook in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  The Young Eagle website is

The 2014 Young Eagles dates are May 3, June 7, July 12 and August 9.  To schedule an airplane ride, contact Melinda at 812-376-2519.  For more information, contact Larry Morlock at

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