Is there a leash law in Columbus? there a leash law in Columbus?

Is there a leash law in Columbus?

The technical answer is NO. A leash law requires that all pets be on a leash or lead or within a secure enclosure at all times. In theory, that is great. Is it enforceable, or realistic? No. This would mean if you were outside playing frisbee with your dog – it would have to be on a leash. Or, if your grandmother was working in her garden and her poodle was sleeping under a tree, the animal control department could fine her for not having her pet on a leash.

It is always the responsible thing to do to have your pet leashed when you cannnot devote your total attention to them, or when exercising your pet in a populated area or when approaching strangers. The community recognizes that most pet owners are responsible. Those pet owners that have their pets properly trained and can keep control of their pets (keeping them close to them and off another person’s property) should not necessarily have to keep them on a leash. But, those who can not, or will not, control their pets can be required by the Animal Control Department to keep their pets under physical restraint at all times (the leash law).

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