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Where are you located and what are your hours?

The Columbus Animal Shelter's address is: 2730 Arnold Drive (Columbus, IN 47203)
The Shelter is located just southeast of the Bakalar Airport at the far east end of Arnold Street
- see the Google Map inset on the Homepage.

Columbus Animal Control Office Hours are:
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturdays 8:00am -12:00pm
Sunday Closed

The shelter is open for visiting the animals from:

Monday - Friday 10:00am - 12:00pm
Saturday 10:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday Closed

Holidays Call 376-2505 to verify hours on holidays
(Note: We will also meet with people before or after these hours, if necessary, and are available for animal related calls and assistance anytime.)

Where are you listed in the telephone book? What is your contact information?

In the Business section of the White Pages, under "COLUMBUS CITY OF-", listed as "Animal Shelter"

Our phone number during Office hours (M-F 8:00-5:00, Sat. 8:00-noon) is 812.376.2505
Outside of normal office hours we can be reached by Central Dispatch at 812.379.1689

Our email address is

Who do I call if I have an animal problem at night or on a weekend?

Outside our normal hours of operation (M-F 8:00-5:00, Sat. 8:00-noon), city residents can call Central Dispatch at 812.379.1689 and they will contact an Animal Control officer - or you can leave a message on on voicemail at our office - 812.376.2505. We try to respond to any animal related call, anytime. Not just emergencies. This includes lost and found pets, barking dogs, animals running loose, wildlife problems, ...etc. (NOTE: COUNTY residents with animal related problems should call County Animal Control at 812.372.1935)

I found a lost pet - what should I do?

If you find a lost pet - if the animal has a collar check for tags that might have identification and owner contact information. Rabies tags can be traced throught the veterinarian's office that gave the vaccine. You might try taking the animal on a walk around the neighborhood to see if the owner is out looking for their pet. You can take the animal to a veterinarian or an animal shelter and have it scanned for a microchip. Contact the animal shelters (Columbus Animal Shelter - 812.376.2505 and County Animal Shelter - 812.372.1935) and provide a description of the pet and see if someone has reported it missing. If no ID exists, you are unable to locate the owner and you live within the Columbus city limits - contact the Columbus Animal Shelter (812.376.2505). You can either bring the animal in, or we can come and pick up the animal. If you live outside the city limits, contact County Animal Control (812.372.1935).

I lost a pet - what should I do?

If you have lost a pet - Contact the local shelters (both the city and county) and local veterinarians and give them a description of the pet and your contact information to see if anyone has found or brought in your pet. Create a flyer with a picture of your pet for the shelters and veterinarians to display and also post them around your neighborhood. Daily check the want ads/lost & found section of the local paper. Take frequent walks or drives around your neighborhood (maybe enlist a team of others to help search).

I am having a problem with wildlife on my property or have orphaned/injured wildlife on my property - what should I do?

Many people do not realize the amount of wildlife that live in an urban setting and are surprised when a raccoon, skunk or opossum is seen on their property. For the most part, these animals will NOT cause a problem (which is why they are seldom noticed), and if you leave them alone you will probably not have any problems. Many times an animal that you think is orphaned is really just a young animal exploring under the watch of an unseen adult. If you have an injured or orphaned wild animal, click on this link to Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators where you can get advice on the situation, or you can call our office (812.376.2505) and we will help advise you.

If an animal is causing a problem - the best solution is either "exclusion" (denying the animal access to your property), or trapping/relocating and then exclusion. To view "exclusion" tips - click here to link to our web page on wildlife proofing your property. Live animal traps can be purchased at local retail stores and set to catch the animals. We will pick up animals caught in traps , relocate them and return the trap. Our department also has traps available that we can set to capture animals, however there is a high demand for these traps and there could be a considerable waiting period to have us set one for you. After the animal is removed it is VERY IMPORTANT that whatever drew them to your property is fixed so that new animals do not move back in.

I want to get my animals neutered. Is there any assistance available for low-income people?

The shelter does not have funds availableto help people with spaying or nuetering their own pets, but there is a local rescue group called C.A.R.E. that facilitates a low-cost spay/neuter clinic called 'Pets Alive'. Information on pricing and sign-up cand be obtained at our local Petco store and on C.A.R.E.'s website at We also have limited contact infromation at the shelter, but we can point you in the right direction to get more comprehensice information. The clinic generally comes to the shelter two times per month.

Are you the Humane Society?

No, we are not the Humane Society. We are one of the departments of the City of Columbus. We are a division of the Columbus Police Department. We utilize humane ideals and objectives in our operation and adhere to many of the guidleines set forth by nationally recognized Humane Organizations, but technically we are not a "Humane Society" operation. In this area there is a Bartholomew County Humane Society that serves the county population (outside the city limits). The Columbus Animal Control Shelter serves the population within the Columbus City limits.

Do you take donations? Do you accept volunteer help at the shelter?

Yes! We welcome donations of all kinds - monetary, supplies and people willing to volunteer their time and/or services. Click "Get Involved" to open a web page discussing donations and volunteer opportuniities.

Monetary donations are deposited in an Adoption-Medical Fund and help to offset the cost of providing spay/neuter procedures, vaccinations, micro-chipping and fecal exams. Click here to open a .pdf form for making a donation. Print a copy of the form, fill it out and submit it with your donation.

Supplies, such as pet toys and treats, pet food, cat litter, blankets and towels are items that are always greatly appreciated.

Volunteers do things like light cleaning, socializing and exercising the animals. If they are under 13 years old they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while at the shelter. All volunteers must sign a liability waiver prior to working.

Who funds your department?

The primary funding for the Columbus Animal Shelter comes from your Tax dollars, although we do accept donations. That is why an Animal Control Officer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to your calls.

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