I am having a problem with wildlife on my property or have orphaned/injured wildlife on my property - what should I do?

Many people do not realize the amount of wildlife that live in an urban setting and are surprised when a raccoon, skunk or opossum is seen on their property. For the most part, these animals will NOT cause a problem (which is why they are seldom noticed), and if you leave them alone you will probably not have any problems. Many times an animal that you think is orphaned is really just a young animal exploring under the watch of an unseen adult. If you have an injured or orphaned wild animal, click on this link to Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators where you can get advice on the situation, or you can call our office (812.376.2505) and we will help advise you.

If an animal is causing a problem - the best solution is either "exclusion" (denying the animal access to your property), or trapping/relocating and then exclusion. To view "exclusion" tips - click here to link to our web page on wildlife proofing your property. Live animal traps can be purchased at local retail stores and set to catch the animals. We will pick up animals caught in traps , relocate them and return the trap. Our department also has traps available that we can set to capture animals, however there is a high demand for these traps and there could be a considerable waiting period to have us set one for you. After the animal is removed it is VERY IMPORTANT that whatever drew them to your property is fixed so that new animals do not move back in.

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