5-year Transportation Improvement Program

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) for the Columbus Area Metropolitan Planning Area (CAMPO) lists all transportation projects that use federal transportation dollars as well as transportation projects of regional significance, regardless of funding source. The TIP has a five year horizon and is updated at a minimal on an annual basis.

The TIP serves multiple purposes:

1.  It is the instrument for implementing the long range transportation plan.

2.  It is one of several tools to keep the public informed of the direction of and change to their transportation network.

3.  It sets forth a rough schedule for local officials for coordination purposes.

4.  It provides a financial overview, ensuring that those projects scheduled can be realistically financed.

Of particular interest are the last pages of the TIP, which lists the current transportation projects in the planning area of the MPO.

The current TIP can be downloaded in pdf format here:

Transportation Improvement Program 2012–2016 -   Dec 15, 2014

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