Trash Fees Eliminated

The City of Columbus eliminated trash fees for residents for one (1) city owned or city approved toter. This current bill no longer reflects charges for trash fees unless you have multiple toters. Each household is allowed one (1) toter; you will be charged a monthly trash fee for any additional toter you have and the trash fee amount is based on the size of the toter. Your collection day, toter placement and all other rules about toter use remain the same.

If you desire to change the size of trash toter at your location, please bring your current toter to the COLUMBUS SANITATION DEPARTMENT at 2250 Kreutzer Drive. There will be a $30 fee for this exchange.

The new ordinance has a provision for citizens who wish to support the general fund and voluntarily continue to make regular payments.  This may be considered a donation and be an eligible deduction on your state and federal taxes. Please check with your tax advisor. If you wish to continue to have a Trash Service Donation line item on your future City Utilities bill please fill out the form on the reverse side of this notice and include it with your regularly monthly payment.    THERE WILL BE NO DIFFERENCE IN YOUR WEEKLY TRASH COLLECTION REGARDLESS OF YOUR DECISION.

                                                                                      IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO DONATE NO ACTION IS REQUIRED.


Yes, I would like to continue my regular trash collection charge as a monthly donation to the CITY OF COLUMBUS, INDIANA– GENERAL FUND.  I wish to donate the following monthly amount.

$5.00____   $6.00____ $7.00____$8.00____$9.00____ $10.00____


Columbus Utilities

ACCOUNT NUMBER ________________________ SIGNATURE __________________________________

Thank You!


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