Visitors Information and Promotion

Name Term Expires Appt by:
Dan Arnholt 2 yr 12/31/2012 County
Jeff Baker 2 yr 12/31/2013 Mayor
Rod Blasdel 2 yr 12/31/2012 County
Tracy Fugate 2 yr 12/31/2012 County
Howard (Bud) Herron 2 yr 12/31/2012 County
Sarla Kalsi 2 yr 12/31/2013 Mayor
Tamara Woods Kiel 2 yr 12/31/2013 Mayor
Mary Ann Patterson 2 yr 12/31/2013 County
Denise Pence 2 yr 12/31/2012 County
Martha Risk 2 yr 12/31/2013 Mayor
Jan Sprague 2 yr 12/31/2013 Mayor

Meet as needed

Visitors Information and Promotion
The V.I.P. Commission (Visitor Information Promotion Commission) purpose:    To promote and develop growth of the visitor industry in Bartholomew County and administer funds received for such purpose, pursuant to Indiana Code.  The VIP consists of 11 members; six members appointed by the Board of Commissioners of Bartholomew County and five members appointed by the Mayor.

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