Insurance Review Committee

Name Term Expires Appt by:
Mayor Jim Lienhoop NA NA Ex Officio
Vince Moore 1 yr 12/31/2017 Mayor
Laurie Reed 2 yr 12/31/2017 Mayor
Gene Hack 3 yr 12/31/2018 Mayor
Frank Miller 1 yr 12/31/2017 City Council
Richard Hawes 1 yr 12/31/2017 City Council
Brian Walsh 1 yr 12/31/2017 City Council
Mike Compton 1 yr 12/31/2017 Columbus Fire Dept
Keith Reeves 2 yr 12/31/2018 Columbus City Utilities
Pam Harrell 3 yr 12/31/2018 Parks and Recreation
Michael DeArmitt NA Attorney Ex Officio

Meets on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 1:30 p.m. at City Hall

* Denotes Chairperson of Committee

City Council Liaison: Frank Miller

Insurance Review Committee
The Insurance Review Committee shall periodically review all insurance obligations and/or coverages held by the city and make recommendations concerning the coverage to the Board of Public Works and Safety. The Insurance Review Committee will assist in obtaining modifications or updates with federal obligations and/or coverages at all times considering the cost effectiveness of such insurance protection.

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