Technology Advisory Committee

Name Term Expires Appt by:
Ron Latta* 4 yr 12/31/2018 Mayor
Caleb Tennis 4 yr 12/31/2016 Mayor
Debra Steele 4 yr 12/31/2015 Mayor
Jason Tracy 4 yr 12/31/2015 Mayor
Mike Jamerson** 4 yr 12/31/2017 City Council
Bill Van Devender 4 yr 12/31/2015 City Council
Pam Schmelz 4 yr 12/31/2016 City Council

** Vice-Chairman

City Council Liaison: Jim Lienhoop

Meets in City Council Chambers.

Technology Advisory Committee
The Technology Advisory Committee shall offer advice and counsel the implementation of world class technology infrastructure to support the needs of the City, other governmental entities, businesses, schools and the citizenry.  The committee shall also strive to improve government and leverage information technology resources and solutions to strengthen, promote and engage the community, and promote economic development of the City of Columbus.

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