Ice Water Rescue

  • Suiting Up

    Suiting Up

    Mayor Kristen Brown, right, dresses in a cold-water suit to get in an icy pond January 9, 2013, at Mill Race Park as firefighters prepare to rescue her during ice water rescue training.

  • Dropping In

    Dropping In

    Columbus Firefighter Chris Tuttle checks on Mayor Brown as she drops into a hole in the ice at the Mill Race Park pond to be rescued as part of training.

  • Calling for Help

    Calling for Help

    Firefighter Chris Tuttle calls out instructions during the training scenario. 

  • Icy Situation

    Icy Situation

    The reflections of Firefigher Chris Tuttle and Mayor Brown can be seen in the iced-over Mill Race Park pond during the training exercise.

  • Help on the Way

    Help on the Way

    Columbus Firefighter Troy Todd deploys a specialized ice-water rescue craft to save volunteer training victim Mayor Brown.

  • Rescue Arrival

    Rescue Arrival

    Firefighter Troy Todd reaches out to volunteer training victim Mayor Brown as he prepares to pull her from the icy pond.

  • Safely Aboard

    Safely Aboard

    Columbus Firefighter Chris Tuttle checks with Firefighter Troy Todd after Mayor Brown is pulled from the icy pond in the training exercise.

  • Back to Shore

    Back to Shore

    The rescue boat takes off back to shore after Mayor Brown is rescued from the icy pond during the training scenario.

  • Mission Accomplished

    Mission Accomplished

    Mayor Brown and Columbus Fire Department Lt. Ron Sexton remove specialized ice-water rescue suits following the training.

  • Rescue Review

    Rescue Review

    Mayor Brown and firefighters review the ice water rescue procedures used during training to save the mayor from the icy pond.

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