Official City Christmas Tree

  • Beautiful Blue Spruce

    Beautiful Blue Spruce

    A roughly 30-foot tall, 30-year-old Blue Spruce was donated for the official City of Columbus Christmas Tree by Ann Stevens from her property at 24th and Pearl streets.

  • Off the Ground

    Off the Ground

    Workers from Frank's Tree Service and the City of Columbus use a crane early Monday morning, November 26, 2012, to load the freshly cut Blue Spruce into a City dump truck to transport the tree to City Hall.

  • Ready To Go

    Ready To Go

    Mayor Kristen Brown and City Garage Manager Bryan Burton check out the freshly cut tree in the bed of a City dump truck before the tree is transported to City Hall.

  • Large Load

    Large Load

    The hulking Blue Spruce overflows from the bed of the City dump truck as the early morning sun peaks through its branches November 26, 2012.

  • On the Road

    On the Road

    City Garage Manager Bryan Burton escorts the City dump truck carrying the tree slowly down Lafayette Avenue en route to City Hall.

  • Carving the Trunk

    Carving the Trunk

    Saw dust flies as Frank Underwood of Frank's Tree Service carves away at the trunk of the tree with a chainsaw while City Garage Manager Bryan Burton observes.

  • Pulling into Place

    Pulling into Place

    A crew of workers from Frank's Tree Service and the City of Columbus pull the large Blue Spruce up the steps of City Hall on November 26, 2012, to position the tree to be hoisted into place.

  • Rooftop Work

    Rooftop Work

    Workers stand on the top of City Hall as they prepare to lift the tree into place Monday morning, November 26, 2012.

  • Hoisting the Tree

    Hoisting the Tree

    The 30-foot tree is raised into place in front of City Hall on a sunny late November morning.

  • Standing Tall

    Standing Tall

    The largest official Christmas tree ever to stand in front of Columbus City Hall reflects in the building's windows the afternoon of Monday, November 26, 2012. The tree will be decorated during the week with the official lighting scheduled for immediately after the Festival of Lights parade on Saturday, December 1.

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