Route 4 Boarding Times and Directions


Route 4 Boarding Times

Route 4


Boarding Point


Leave Depot


State Street (Health Dept, Love Chapel, Dorel)


Wehmeier (East High School )


McKinley & McCure (McDowell, Eastside)


10th & Creekview (Goodwill, Walmart, Theatre)


Leave Target Inbound


10th & McClure


Schnier (Mapleview,CIMA,BMV,Centerstone)


Indiana & Marr (East H.S., Columbus Christian)


McKinley & Hope (Five Points, FFY)


Depot At Mill Race


Route 4 Directions


Right off  8th to Lindsey

Left off Lindsey to 2nd

Right on State to Fairview

Left on Fairview to Hollowell

Left on Hollowell to Marr

Right on Marr to McKinley

Left on McKinley to McClure

Right on McClure to 10th

Right on 10th to Creekview

Right on Creekview to 10th

Left on 10th to Marr

Right on Marr to 17th

17th to Target

Out of Target to National

Right on National to 20th

Left on 20th to Lee

Left on Lee to 17th

Right on 17th to McClure

Left on  McClure to 9th

Right on 9th to Schnier

Right on Schnier/Pavilion to Marr

Right on Marr to Indiana

Right on Indiana to Gladstone

Right on Gladstone to 6th

Left on 6th to Hope

Left on Hope to McKinley

Right on McKinley to State

Right on State / 3rd to Brown

Right on Brown to 8th

Left on 8th to Depot

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