May 2011


May 25, 2011, 4:30p.m.

Council Chambers


           PRESENT                                                       ABSENT                                 

Rhea Baker-Ipek                                               Greg Lewis

Trena Carter                                                      Rosalind Pegram       

Ian Kohen                                                           Shiva Rallapalli

Tony McClendon                                                 

Gil Palmer                                                         

John Roberts                                                    

John Stroh


Meeting Called to Order


Director Arlette Cooper Tinsley, Deputy Director Lorraine Smith and Secretary Lula Young.


Commissioner Roberts called roll and requested any corrections or amendments to the March 2011 minutes.

Commissioner Carter moved to accept the February minutes as submitted.  Commissioner Stroh seconded.  Motion carried.

COLUMBUS HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION EXECUTIVE SESSION - March 30, 2011.  As required by Indiana Code 5-14-1.5-6.1(d), Executive session minutes were certified by Secretary John W. Roberts.              


Commissioner Carter reported that after ticket sale and donation deposits and annual dinner expenses, the Donations Account balance was at $10,292.15.


The Chairperson asked all present at the meeting to review and provide feedback on the Vision 20/20 strategic plans currently on display in the Cal Brand Meeting Hall.


Director Tinsley advised that she in the process of completing closures on several cases.  She announced that CAMEO had presented her with the Mickey King Award and Deputy Director Smith with the Best Friend award at their May 11th annual meeting.

The Director advised that she will again be facilitating ESL training for BCSC regarding in and out of state tuition costs and how the new laws will affect ESL students.  She will also facilitate a P.I.E. Class entitled ‘Lifting Up A Voice’ on October 4, 2011.

Director Tinsley advised that effective Tuesday, June 1, 2011, she would begin her Human Resources Consultant schedule and that she would be available in Human Resources on Mondays beginning August 22nd.

Deputy Director Smith informed Commissioners that recruiting ads for the Deputy Director position had been placed in The Republic, Indianapolis Star and Recorder and online with the Law Schools, Monster jobs, CareerBuilder and  She advised that forty resumes had been received to date and Commissioners may be asked to participate in the interview process.

Lorraine announced that the Heritage Fund would be presenting the Welcoming Community - Phase II survey results at Yes Cinema at 4:30pm on June 13, 2011, all were invited to attend.

Commissioners were informed that budget hearings are scheduled for July 19th and specific times for individual departments had not been assigned yet.  Department heads had been informed that all budgets are flat-lined for 2012 with the exception of Perf and a 3% Bureau of Labor Statistics raise.

Director Tinsley asked for a volunteer to become the Commission’s representative on the BCSC Bullying Prevention Task Force.  Commissioner McClendon volunteered.

FOR DISCUSSION – Annual Dinner Report:

The 2011 Annual Dinner wrap up and summary was reviewed by all.  Discussion on venue sound and photography costs were discussed.  Options for the 2012 dinner were discussed with the suggestion that Commissioners Kohen and Stroh may assist with negotiations regarding venue pricing.

LIAISON UPDATE –  P.A.C. – Pride Alliance Columbus:

Commissioner Baker-Ipek reported that P.A.C. is starting a scholarship fund for an openly gay high school student.  The group plans to fund the scholarship from profits from the annual Outside Film Festival and have established a joint IUPUC/Ivy Tech steering committee.

Commissioner Baker-Ipek advised that Alliance members discussed the appearance of hate language in The Republic newspaper in the previous months, possibly in a letter to the editor.  Discussion ensued.


Commissioner Stroh reported that the next meeting of the ICC would be the following week.


Commissioner Carter moved to adjourn the meeting, Commissioner Baker-Ipek seconded.  Meeting adjourned.

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