Animal Care Services Provides Temporary Home for 37 Stranded Animals

The City of Columbus Animal Care Services came to the aid of 37 dogs and cats late Thursday, February 21, that were stranded on Interstate 65 after a traffic accident near Columbus. Animal Care Services provided a comfortable temporary home for the animals, which were being transported to a shelter in Wisconsin.

None of the 37 animals, which included 23 puppies, 7 dogs and 7 cats, were injured in the accident. The animals were passengers aboard a cargo van traveling from a shelter in Georgia to a Wisconsin shelter when the van was involved in a single-vehicle accident on Interstate 65 near the State Road 46-Columbus exit. Some of the animals’ transport crates were damaged during the crash, and one dog escaped before officers could rescue him.

Columbus Police K-9 Officer Chad Lehman responded to the accident to assist the Indiana State Police and found the animals needed shelter for the night. Animal Care Services Manager Kevin Konetzka and Officer Chris McDaniel transported the animals and made room for them at the City shelter.

The animals are staying with Animal Care Services today until arrangements can be made to transport them to their destination shelter in Wisconsin.

Mayor Kristen Brown welcomes the puppies to the Animal Care Services shelter.

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