CPD Celebrates Christmas at Pence Place Apartments

Columbus Police Department Detective Ryan Linneweber, Patrolwoman Julie Quesenbery, Lt. Matt Myers and Chief Jason Maddix celebrate the holidays with the young residents of Pence Place Apartments.

Columbus Police Department officers celebrated Christmas Tuesday, December 18, 2012, at Pence Place Apartments, where officers have been volunteering to help young residents of the apartments with their homework. 

Their volunteer efforts help of the police department build trusting relationships with the children.

The Christmas celebration on Tuesday featured a pizza party, homework help and making holiday decorations. The officers' volunteer efforts will continue into next year.

Officer Julie Quesenbery makes Christmas decorations with the kids.

Officer Courtney Plummer helps a young resident with his homework.

The officers work with the students as part of a volunteer effort at the apartments.

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