May 2012 Sewer Allowance Credit

Columbus City Council passed an ordinance July 2, giving Columbus City Utilities customers a one-time credit on their May, 2012 sewer charges, due to the extremely hot and dry May. The credit is to compensate customers for water that was used in May, primarily for watering landscaping, but did not go into the sewers.  The normal summer sewer allowance is for usage in June thru September.

The allowance will be calculated using the formula put forth in the summer sewer allowance ordinance. A winter usage average is calculated based on the months of February, March, and April. This average usage will be compared to the actual usage in May (billed in June), with a credit given for the difference in gallons based on the sewer rate. This credit will appear on the customer’s bill as soon as possible, in either July or August. 

Visit the Columbus Utilities website for more information.

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