Mayor Brown Appoints Director of Community Development

Mayor Kristen Brown has appointed Carl Malysz as Director of Community Development for the City of Columbus effective April 22, 2013. Malysz is a seasoned veteran in community development in Indiana with more than 30 years of experience, including extensive experience in city planning, downtown and neighborhood redevelopment, affordable housing and economic development.

Under Mayor Brown, the primary mission of the City of Columbus Department of Community Development is to promote the development and maintenance of safe, affordable and attractive housing options that meet the diverse needs of the Columbus community. Mayor Brown’s goal is to ensure quality housing opportunities exist for residents of all income levels and stages of life, including young adults, working families, empty nesters, the elderly and persons with disabilities.

As Community Development Director, Carl Malysz’s top priority will be to develop a comprehensive housing strategy to grow quality housing options across the spectrum from emergency shelter to affordable housing and market-rate homes in Columbus. He will lead the effort to address needs identified by a housing needs assessment currently underway and work with the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Housing to match supply and demand for residential units, housing construction, diverse neighborhoods and the need for housing appropriate for residents and households of various ages and special needs.

Carl will also focus on the revitalization of the city’s most distressed neighborhoods. With his leadership, the Department of Community Development will partner with other city departments and community agencies to ensure the most distressed neighborhoods are safe and a place that residents can proudly call home. The City and local agencies and organizations will work together to bring a more comprehensive approach to build upon initiatives already under way, including community policing efforts, code enforcement, improvements of local properties and the Mayor’s Neighborhood Cleanup Program.

As a part of neighborhood revitalization, the Department of Community Development will also focus on business corridor revitalization.  A strong business corridor can help revive residential neighborhoods. The City is currently studying the State Street business corridor to determine if improvements can be made to restore thriving commerce along the street.

“Carl brings a wealth of community development experience to Columbus. We are excited about the best practices he can provide in affordable housing development, neighborhood revitalization and business corridor revitalization,” Mayor Brown said. “He is eminently qualified to lead and advance our Department of Community Development. Carl’s experience and expertise will provide great leadership as we work with other public and private organizations to ensure we move the needle on these most pressing community needs.”

Prior to joining the City of Columbus, Malysz worked for more than 30 years as a practicing community development expert in the public and private sectors in New Albany, Indiana, and Louisville, Kentucky. He most recently served as Director of Community Housing Initiatives for the City of New Albany. Malysz has also served as Director of Community Development for the City of New Albany, Executive Director of the New Albany City Plan Commission and New Albany Redevelopment Commission, and Deputy Director of Louisville Metro Housing & Community Development. Malysz also has served as Executive Officer of the Home Builders Association of Southern Indiana and has worked with numerous private sector for-profit and non-profit organizations to advance community housing agendas.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in urban planning from Michigan State University and a master’s degree in public administration/community development from the University of Louisville. He is also a member of the American Planning Association and a certified Economic Development Finance Professional through the National Development Council.

His experience has given him broad-based knowledge of federal and state community development and housing regulations, practical knowledge of affordable housing finance programs and extensive experience implementing a variety of housing programs and public works projects.

He and his wife, Sheila, are in the process of relocating from New Albany to Columbus.

“Having been a resident of Indiana for more than 30 years, I have always been enamored with the City of Columbus because of its architectural treasures, its quality neighborhoods and active community involvement,” Malysz said. “I look forward to working with all of the community’s public and private organizations to advance our safe and affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization efforts and collectively make our city a better place to live for all residents.”

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