Mayor Brown to Present State of the City and Community-Wide Progress

Mayor Kristen Brown is welcoming all community members to her State of the City address at 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, April 15, at the YES Cinema and Conference Center, 328 Jackson Street. The address will focus on the state of city government, the state of our community and progress of the community-wide strategic plan, Advance Columbus.

Mayor Brown will highlight the accomplishments of city government last year and year to date in her address, and she will also report on the financial condition of the City of Columbus. The update on Advance Columbus will underscore the on-going importance of community-wide collaboration and the meaningful developments made so far.

The City’s major accomplishments over the past year include significant improvements in public safety, street conditions, neighborhoods and parks and recreation facilities.

“We have substantially reduced crime, completed the largest street repaving project in the city’s history, partnered with residents to revitalize their neighborhoods, and invested millions of dollars to restore our valuable parks facilities,” Mayor Kristen Brown said. “I am excited to celebrate these successes with our community as we look forward to our goals for this year.”

Advance Columbus, which Mayor Brown introduced last year at her State of the City address, is the community-wide strategic plan developed by a steering committee comprised of broad community representation as well as the leadership of many primary public and private organizations dedicated to serving the community. It sets our shared values and our long-term, shared vision for the community “to be the very best community of its size in the country.”

The plan is a living, ever-evolving document that serves as the basis for broad-based community dialogues. Over the past year, coalitions of community leaders and residents have begun to tackle the community’s toughest challenges and capitalize on our most promising opportunities to achieve the shared priorities and shared goals outlined in the plan.

“Our vision is bold, and our goals are ambitious,” Mayor Kristen Brown said. “But together we are making excellent progress.”

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