Road Reconstruction Projects Continue on Schedule

Two major road reconstruction projects underway in the City of Columbus this summer continue to stay on schedule. The City is reconstructing Carr Hill Road and Indiana Avenue to help them handle a high volume of traffic and make them significantly safer for motorists, school busses, bicyclists and pedestrians.

Carr Hill Road west of Interstate 65 is scheduled to re-open on October 5. Crews will finish installing a storm sewer in the next two weeks and complete curbing along the length of the project. Sidewalks and residential driveways are expected to begin soon with a base coat of road paving scheduled to begin the second week of August.

October 5 is the intermediate completion date. The full project is expected to be complete by April 5, including finishing work that includes planting trees, grass and final grading. The road remains open only to residents and emergency vehicles until October 5.

Construction on Indiana Avenue is expected to begin in early September. Crews are currently relocating utilities in preparation for construction. Bids on the work will be opened by the Indiana Department of Transportation on August 6. This fall, the storm sewer will be installed from Clifty Creek to Marr Road.  Next year will be the bulk of the road work from Marr Road to State Street.

The new street will feature wider traffic lanes, storm sewers, bicycle lanes, curbs and sidewalks. The reconstruction project is expected to be complete in October 2015.


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