Adult Tournament

Adult Tournament

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When: July 26-30
Where: North Highschool Tennis Courts
Fee: Singles $16, Doubles $20/team
Perks: ALL entrants receive one tournament t-shirt. Division champions and finalists receive awards.
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  • Eligibility: There is no official residency requirement. We encourage local players to invite friends who live elsewhere to play.
  • Event Limit: Any 2 for which you meet the eligibility requirements. Caution to those entering multiple events - In choosing to play in 2 events, you expose yourself to the possibility of playing up to 2 matches in one day or evening. This will certainly be true if you advance to multiple finals. Many finals will be scheduled for CHAMPIONSHIP NIGHT on Wednesday, but some finals of smaller events will be played earlier in the week. We will try to limit the number of matches in a day and to give you adequate rest between same day matches.
  • Junior players: Players 18 and under that play high school varsity or have a high USTA ranking must play on Open Divisions.  All other juniors can play in B or C.
  • Small draws: If an event you enter does not fill, we will move you to the next logical event. If you choose not to move, you may receive a refund.
  • Scheduling conflicts: By entering, you commit yourself to being present when you are scheduled to play. However, we want this tournament to be as player-friendly as possible. If you have a conflict that would make you unable to play any day or time, tell us in the conflicts section below, and we will TRY to schedule around your conflict. We do need to know of conflicts before the draw is made (when you enter). Weekday play will begin at 5:30 p.m. For Saturday and Sunday, we will try to accommodate regarding specific times you would be unable to play, but if you are in a large-draw event, you will probably have to play sometime on the weekend.
  • Matches: Best of three sets with tie-breaker at 6-all of all sets.
  • Early Round Weekend: Many first round matches including those for all of the larger draws will be held on Saturday or Sunday beginning at 9:00 a.m.
  • Championship Night: Most finals Wednesday evening, July 30 at Columbus North High School. However, some finals will be sprinkled through the week as featured matches.
  • Draw Sheets: They will be emailed to all entrants and will be available at Donner Center by 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 24.
  • In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director has the authority to change the scoring in order to finish the tournament on time.

Available Events:

Men Women Mixed
Open Singles Open Singles Open Doubles
B-Singles B-Singles B-Doubles
C-Singles C-Singles C-Doubles
45-Singles 45-Singles  
55-Singles 55-Singles  
Open Doubles Open Doubles  
B-Doubles B-Doubles  
C-Doubles C-Doubles  
45-Doubles 45-Doubles  
55-Doubles 55-Doubles  

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