Flood Hazard Information

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flood1Bartholomew County lies at the point where several regionally significant streams – the Driftwood River, the Flatrock River, Clifty Creek, and Haw Creek – come together to form the East Fork of the White River.  Approximately 2,000 square miles of upstream land drains through Columbus and Bartholomew County, making flooding the most significant natural threat to the area.

The Planning Department is responsible for the administration of floodplain regulations for new development.  These local floodplain regulations are adopted as part of the Columbus and Bartholomew County Zoning Ordinances.  Their administration involves providing information to the public and coordinating with the Bartholomew County Department of Technical Code Enforcement, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Driftwood River Map Revision

The City of Columbus has been notified that Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LLC (CBBEL) is applying for a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) from FEMA on behalf of Cornerstone Development to revise FIRM Panel 18005C0129E for the City of Columbus and Bartholomew County along the Driftwood River. CBBEL is proposing to revise the FIRM to reflect the results of revised computer modeling using improved methodology and the latest available topographic data. The LOMR will result in revisions to the floodway, as well as increases in the 1% annual chance flood elevations (base flood elevations) and widening of the 1% annual chance floodplain (100-year floodway fringe). The exhibits below show the proposed floodplain changes. Please contact Emilie Pinkston, Senior Planner, with questions about the LOMR application. Emilie can be reached by phone at 812.376.2550 and by email at epinkston@columbus.in.gov.

Exhibit 1 (Existing and Proposed Floodplain Boundaries)
Exhibit 2 (Existing and Proposed Base Flood Elevations)