"Ongoing Projects” are those that are currently being facilitated by the Planning Department.  They may be in various stages of completion or pending approval.  Please visit this page again for updates on these projects and always feel free to contact the Planning Department staff for more information.


Current Ongoing Projects

Neighborhood Commercial Access and Design Study
Columbus Central Neighborhood Plan

Neighborhood Commercial Access and Design Study

The Neighborhood Commercial Access and Design Study examines the extent to which Columbus residents have access to convenience necessity goods and services within walking distance of their homes and explores how neighborhood commercial centers can be designed so they successfully integrate into residential neighborhoods. Neighborhood commercial centers can provide a variety of benefits to nearby residents, including convenient access to commercial goods, increased opportunities to walk and bike, reduced reliance on automobiles/fossil fuels, and the fostering of active, lively neighobrhoods. However, commercial uses also present challenges to neighborhoods, including higher traffic volumes, noise, increased lighting, and odor. This study was initiated to explore how the benefits of neighborhood commercial uses can be offered to Columbus residents while minimizing the negative characteristics of this type of development. 

This study will include a series of recommendations for the design of neighborhood commercial centers so, if and when they're proposed in our community, they will be contextually compatible with the surrounding neighborhood. 

For more information about the Neighborhood Commercial Access and Design Study, please contact Emilie Pinkston, Senior Planner, at or at 812.376.2550.

Columbus Central Neighborhood Plan

The Columbus Central Neighborhood Plan will be a land use and transportation plan for the neighborhood surrounding the former Golden Casting Foundry. This neighborhood, historically a signficant industrial presence in the City, currently includes a mix of single- and multi-family residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional uses. While still home to a number of industrial users, this Plan was initiated to address the recent transition of many of the neighborhood's former industrial properties to multi-family residential. This transition has led to a number of questions, including: (1) how many apartments are appropriate in this area, (2) are the bus routes, streets, and sidewalks suitable for these new residents, and (3) what conflicts might arise between these new residents and the remaining manufacturers and how shoud these issues be resolved? The Columbus Central Neighborhood Plan is intended to answer these questions.  Upon completion, the plan will be adopted as an element of the City of Columbus Comprehensive Plan. 

The Columbus Central Neighborhood Plan is in the early stages of development. On January 4, 2017, the Planning Department issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ), seeking qualified consultants to submit proposals to assist with the development of this Plan. A committee is currently reviewing submittals from a number of consultant teams. Please select the following link to read the issued RFQ: Columbus Central Neighborhood RFQ

Throughout the planning process, the public will have several opporunities to provide input.  Please continue to visit this page for project updates and to learn about upcoming public comment opportunities.

For more information about the Columbus Central Neighborhood Plan, please contact Emilie Pinkston, Senior Planner, at or at 812.376.2550.

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