July 16, 2012



Call To Order

1.         Roll Call

Discussion Items

2.         Arts Committee Update – Karen Shrode

3.         2nd and 3rd Street Bridge Lighting Update – Dave Hayward

Action Items

4.         Approval of Minutes – Regular Meeting: June 18, 2012

                                              - Special Meeting:  July 9, 2012

5.         Resolution No. __, 2012 of the Columbus Redevelopment Commission to Fund the Balance of the 4th Street Reconstruction - Mary Ferdon and Dave Hayward        

6.         Resolution No. __, 2012 of the Columbus Redevelopment Commission Authorizing the Columbus Clerk/Treasurer’s Office to Receive Income from Redevelopment Commission Leased Property for and Pay Monthly Expenses – Stan Gamso           

7.         Resolution No. __, 2012 of the Columbus Redevelopment Commission to Engage the Services of REI Real Estate Services, LLC to Provide Consultation Services to the Management, Operation and Use of the Commission’s Downtown Parking Garages Located in Downtown Columbus – Laurence Brown 

8.         Resolution No.__, 2012 to engage American Environmental for a Phase 1 and Phase II Study of Property located at 711 2nd Street – Mary Ferdon

9.         Transfer of CDI Lease with the Bistro 310 to the Columbus Redevelopment Commission.

10.       Transfer of CDI Lease with the Buckingham (Cole Apartments) to the Columbus
            Redevelopment Commission

11.       Approval of 2012 Columbus Redevelopment Commission Budget – Mary

12.       Remedial Recommendation Update/Counsel Services – Stan Gamso

13.       Change Orders from B.C.A. for Brownfield Property:

1. Change Order #4 for $4500 – Remobilization of HIS Constructor’s equipment prior to installation of the flexible membrane liner;

2. Change Order # 5 for $5557.05 – Increase of additional 123.49 tons of non-hazardous soil to landfill in excess of the contracted quantities;

3. Change Order # 6 for $3560.35 – Increase of additional 22.97 tons of railroad ties, wood, and piping to landfill in excess of the contracted quantities;

4. Change Order #7 for $6540 – Increase topsoil by 180 tons and seeding by 750 square yards, per IDEM’s recommendation.

14.       Review and Approval of Claims


Columbus Redevelopment Commission meetings are available for people of all abilities. The City of Columbus is working to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Please assist us by letting us know if there are accommodations you may need to participate. If an accommodation is needed please notify the Columbus Redevelopment Commission at least 48 hours prior to the start of the meeting, activity, or event. To request assistance please contact Community Development at 812-376-2520, or e-mail at communitydevelopment@columbus.in.gov .

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