Call to Order
   1) Roll Call- Rich Stenner, Matt Souza, Jim Lienhoop, Tom Vujovich
       Absent- George Van Horn and Steve Champion
       Staff- Ed Curtin
       Guest- Corey Carr, Mayor Fred Armstrong, Terry Coriden, Dave Hayward, Republic Kurt Johnson, and Sharon Renfro
Action Items
   2) Approve minutes
        a. 10-27-08—Approval of minutes with correction to typo. Seconded by Rich Stenner. Minutes are approved.
   3) Contract for 2nd Street Garage -- We are expecting it within the next day or so. Terry has had a chance to look at the draft form but to give him a chance to look at the final form I would ask the commission to authorize Tom to sign that contract when ready so that we can get Hagerman started on the project. It is a boilerplate contract. The contract amount is $6.3 million. That is what we have accepted. We expect the garage budget will be $7.7 million in total. This includes the contingent fees, design fees, and some equipment that we need to buy for the project. Motion to allow Tom Vujovich to sign contract. Motion by Rich Stenner and seconded by Jim Lienhoop. The motion does not carry. Conversation continues on the subject. The last time we proceeded the same way. By the time the contract was ready we authorized Tom to sign it so we wouldn’t loose any time in starting that project. We would then bring that contract back at the next meeting. That was all reviewed by Terry before Tom signed it. Motion was amended to make it subject to the prior approval of commission by Rich Stenner. It was seconded by Jim Lienhoop. Motion was approved.
   4) Riverfront District – draft resolution & policy -- One hand out a map out the district area and the other was a policy that goes through some purposes and goals that we want to achieve that meet the state code provides for and the restrictions that we may oppose. Another is that we set up the framework to be able to allow additional restaurants to have the opportunity in the downtown area and in order to do that we would really have be able to create this riverfront district. One thing that we want to do is meet with all the local restaurants in the area and all those who are interested in creating this district. Ed proposed that if the commission is comfortable with the draft rules, we would use this as a framework for discussion with the folks in the downtown area and ultimately taking it to city council. We want to make sure that it is reviewed by both the city council but also the city attorney. We are deleting the word ‘upscale’ on page 2 under Restaurant Operations from the local rules. To make this work we would need something like this in place in order for people to understand what we are looking for. Second, there has to be a city ordinance approved by city council that establishes that riverfront district. What would then happen is someone who is looking into bringing a business downtown would have to look at the criteria on what we are looking for and make there case on how they meet that and bring that information to the redevelopment commission and then we can provide a letter that would say “yes this is what we are looking to have in the downtown area.” They then would take that to the state to get whatever type of liquor license they would need to run there business. The state looks at what the city is looking for. This letter provides that information to them. It normally cost a restaurant around $1000 to obtain a liquor license. We have copied some parts of the resolution and policy from other communities that have already done this. We are able to review and have influence in what types of activities that comes to the city. Zoning prohibiting activities that are not family oriented (topless bar, etc.) have been passed about 6 years ago. They can be only in certain locations within the city limits and the downtown location is not one of them. We have the ability to work with the line for the riverfront district if business owners want to be included. No motion was needed.
   5) Blue and Company contract – We got a proposal from Blue and Company to help review and keep us up to date on the financial activities of the commission. They will provide the financial activities in an organized fashion for easy to read and understand. There will be two sources providing information to Blue and Company, the Clerk/Treasurers office and Ed. We will reconcile the statements from the Blue and Company with the Clerk/Treasurers office. Due to conflict in the case Jim Lienhoop was removed from the table. Motion to approve the contract with Blue and Company as submitted was made by Matt Souza and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approved. Jim Lienhoop rejoins the table.
   6) Resolution to repay Cummins Foundation – After incurring design team invoices for the Commons project, Cummins Foundation fronted portions of the money that they were going to contribute towards another project to help us pay for those bills. Since they have needed to move that money from the Commons project to the Parking Garage project we really need to repay that money that they fronted for the Commons project. Motion on principle of repaying funds to the Cummins Foundation that were not using for the purposes that it was intended for was made by Matt Souza and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approved.
   7) Approve claims – Final payment to Wilhelm for the Parking Garage. We will have around $350-$400,000 left on that project. This will go to the tenant spaces. We try to get the invoices paid as we get them depending on the funds we have on hand. Typically within 30 days we try to pay invoices. Motion to approve the claims was made by Matt Souza and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approved.
        a. Art’s Cleaners
        b. Barnes & Thornburg
        c. Christopher Burke
        d. Columbus Chamber of Commerce
        e. Columbus City Utilities
         f. CSO
        g. DCI
        h. Duke energy
         i. Elwood Staffing
         j. Kimberly Graff
        k. Kinney Paper
         l. Kirby Risk
      m. Koetter Kim
       n. O’Mara
       o. Quicksigns
       p. Renfro Management
       q. Safeguard Business Systems
        r. Synthesis
       s. Winston Terrell
Discussion Items
   8) None at this time
Information Items

   9) Director's report – Have the dates of the 2009 commission meeting. We are making progress on the two private developments we are working on. After attending a ULI about the trends for 2009, the only area that they specifically sited as having some promise is in the multi-family housing. There has still been a high interest from developers for the many projects on hand. Starting construction on the tenants spaces in the garage on Dec. 2nd. We still have a potential problem in monitoring the finished garage. There has been no complaints from people leasing the parking spaces besides others are parking in there spots.
Board Comments

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