Call to Order
   1) Roll Call – Tom Vujovich, Rich Stenner, Jim Lienhoop, & Matt Souza
Action Items
   2) Approve minutes
        a. 6-2-08 – minutes were not available for approval.
   3) First Financial building plans – First Financial provided new plans for their project at 3rd and Brown Streets in response to the recommendations the Commission adopted at the last meeting. These plans reflect substantial compliance with the Commissions requests which included:
        a. First Financial shall review final building plans, sign plans, elevations and site plans with the Redevelopment Commission and receive their approval prior to applying for a Zoning Compliance Certificate (ZCC) and building permit.
        b. The building will be sited with a 0-foot build-to line on 3rd and Brown.
        c. Parking and drives shall be to the rear of the building.
        d. Building shall have a pedestrian entrance on the street frontage.
Representatives of K4, the design team for First Financial, reviewed the plans for the Commission. Motion by Souza for approval with First Financial providing elevations, building plans and signage as those elements are available, 2nd Lienhoop, unanimously approved.
   4) Traffic Study – this is a summary of the work by Dave Hayward with Christopher Burke on what we will need to do as it relates to traffic control in the downtown area. Taken under advisement by the commission.
   5) Synthesis Contract –This is a professional services contract so it would not need to be bid. This contract allows us to move forward with completing the tenant space in the 401 Jackson Street Garage. Synthesis is familiar with the garage and is able to start immediately on the project. Recommendation by Curtin to approve the contract with Synthesis. Motion by Stenner for approval, 2nd Lienhoop, unanimously approved.
   6) Findings of the Commission on taking TIF. – the Columbus Redevelopment Commission is now required to go through a process to determine the extent and amount of TIF revenue it needs to meet the Commissions obligations, such as our bond projects. The Commission then needs to inform the County Auditor among others the result of that finding. Mike Claytor and Courtney Schaafsma of Crow Chizek is assisting in doing that evaluation. Motion by Souza for taking available increment to meet existing and near term obligations based on advice of financial advisors, 2nd Lienhoop, unanimously approved.
   7) Approve claims - All claims are consistent with what we anticipated and the work was performed as it was agreed to. Motion by Souza for approval, 2nd Lienhoop, approved unanimously.
Discussion Items
   8) None at this time
Information Items

   9) Director's report – see attached report

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