Call to Order
   1) Roll Call - Tom Vujovich, Rich Stenner, George Van Horn, Matt Souza & Jim Lienhoop present
   2) Guests – Tom Clerkin, Efua Djan-Sampson, Shankar Srinivasan, Tim Gladden, Jeff Rocker, Paul Minnis, Dave Hayward, Tom Heller, Terry Coriden, Tim Coriden, Sharon Renfro, Claudette Hayward, Mayor & Stu Johnson.
Action Items
   3) Approve minutes
        a. 5-5-08 Motion by Souza for approval, 2nd by Stenner, approved unanimously.
   4) Public Hearing on Expansion of Central Economic Development Area –This was to hear public comment regarding expansion of the area recently annexed and expanded as part of Woodside NW. No public comment. Public hearing closed.
   5) Resolution to expand Central Area Economic Development Area and TIF area – This formalizes the action of the Commission in expanding those areas. Motion by Stenner for approval, 2nd by Van Horn, unanimously approved.
   6) Columbus Downtown Inc. Staff. – the Columbus Redevelopment Commission would have Ed Curtin serve as staff liaison to Columbus Downtown Inc. as part of his roles and responsibilities as Executive Director for the Redevelopment Commission to facilitate communication between the two entities. This role would no additional salary associated with this responsibility.
   7) Approve claims - All claims are consistent with what we anticipated and the work was performed as it was agreed to. Motion by Souza for approval, 2nd Lienhoop, approved unanimously.
        a. Christopher Burke
             i. Columbus Jackson Street – Paid out of bond proceeds
                 1. $30,250.00
            ii. Parking Study – Paid out of bond proceeds
                 1. $3,276.00
        b. Patriot - paid from grant from Cummins Foundation
             i. $399.60
Discussion Items
   8) Riverfront Development District – this was tabled.
   9) Presentation by IUPUC MBA team on sports –a presentation for managing the outdoor sports facilities by MBA team Efua Djan-Sampson, Shankar Srinivasan, Tim Gladden. Question and answer followed.
Information Items
   10) Change orders – see attached spreadsheet.
   11) Director's report – see attached report

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