Roll Call - Tom Vujovich - Chair called the meeting to order. The following members were in attendance: Rich Stenner, George VanHorn, Jim Lienhoop, and Matt Souza.
Staff - Ed Curtin.
Guests – Jeff Beck, Jeff Rocker, Terry Coriden, Tom Heller, Mike Claytor, & Dave Hayward.
   1) Approve minutes of the following meeting 2-4-08. Motion – George Van Horn, Second Jim Lienhoop. Approved.
   2) Commons Resolution – This resolution formalizes the Commission accepting the responsibility for demolition and reconstruction of the Commons on behalf of the Commons Board. Motion to table until next meeting Matt Souza Second Rich Stenner. Approved.
   3) Commons Board Agreement – This formalizes the relationship between the Commons Board and the Columbus Redevelopment Commission for the Commission to act as the agent for the Commons Board to oversee the demolition, construction and start up of the facility to provide a turnkey facility for the Commons Board. Moved Rich Stenner to table until next meeting, Second Matt Souza. Approved.
   4) Request for property Donation – The request would be to acquire the property immediately south of Sears currently used as parking for the mall. This property would be used to develop a new parking garage. Motion – Matt Souza, Second Rich Stenner. Approved.
   5) Subsurface investigation proposals – in preparation of moving forward with the design of the garage an analysis will need to be done of the soils on the site. This will provide critical information in the design of footings and structure of the building. Motion Rich Stenner, Second Matt Souza. Approved.
   6) Site Survey proposals – We will need to also do a site survey to identify property boundaries, utility locations, and any other pertinent information that may have an impact on the design of the building. Motion Rich Stenner, Second Matt Souza. Approved.
   7) 3rd and Jackson Garage design proposals – we would solicited proposals for the design of the garage. Motion Rich Stenner, Second Matt Souza. Approved.
   8) Proposals for master lease – Any proposals we get should be taken under advisement until reviewed by counsel. No response.
   9) Approve claims – Motion Matt Souza, Second Rich Stenner. Approved.
        a. Barnes & Thornburg paid from TIF funds
             i. $622.00
            ii. $529.65
           iii. $202.50
        b. Christopher Burke – Two claims $1,354.00 for Garage and $2,481.50 for sports complex
        c. CSO - $7,500 - grant
        d. F A Wilhelm – $914,101. 95 by TIF bond.
        e. K&M Classic – for $50.00 for creating the minutes of the Commission. Paid out of Redevelopment Budget.
         f. Koetter Kim –
             i. $11,397.50 – grant
            ii. $34,589.82 - grant
        g. O’Mara - $92,997.00 paid by TIF bond
        h. Patriot –
             i. $8,814.00 - grant
            ii. $11,006.00 grant
           iii. $6,334.20 - grant
         i. Winston Terrell - $1,200 paid by grant.
Discussion Items
   10) Downtown development - Jeff Rocker and Jeff Beck – This relates to what role the Commission should play in facilitating activity downtown nights and weekends, such as providing the environment for full service restaurants. Presentation on enacting a Riverfront Development District. Discussion followed.
Information Items
   11) Change orders – a review of the change orders approved to date.
   12) Director's report - Ed Curtin presented his report.
Next meeting April 7, 2008.

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