Call to Order

   1) Roll Call—Tom Vujovich, Jim Lienhoop, Matt Souza, Steve Champion, George Van Horn
        Absent—Rich Stenner
        Guest—Sharon Renfro, Mayor Fred Armstrong, Terry Coriden, Jim Turner
Action Items
   2) Leasing / Sale / Purchase of Real Estate Parcels - Terry Coriden—We entered in to an agreement with the Board of Aviation for the purchase of property out by the Walesboro airport. Notice of sale real estate was handed out. The property is legally described in the notice. The primary purpose of purchasing the property was to later sell it. The notice, after the proper motion by the board, to sell the property will go to the newspaper this Friday and the following Friday. Terry Coriden decided that on March 30th at noon it could kind of reconvene to receive bids. That is assuming we can have a quorum for that purpose. This can change if needed since it would not go to the newspapers until later today but if we don’t have a quorum then we just need to make sure we reconvene. We would open the bids. No formal action would be taken at that time. At that meeting it would be asked to reconvene on Wednesday, April 8th at noon for the purpose of accepting / checking bids. This will help put us in the position to ultimately exchange property available for redevelopment specifically for looking at the REMC property on 2nd St. which is adjacent to the Indoor Sports Complex. This is a critical piece from a redevelopment standpoint. We will be getting an appraisal for the 2nd Street property. The appraisals are not of public domain. From an informational standpoint this property will be the subject of City Council action both on the 17th of March and on the 7th of April. Since you will be an owner by then if you see the Council take action, there is a request that this be made part of the ERA. That the 11 acres of parcel be created in an ERA area which takes 2 council meetings for 2 different resolutions and then it would be requested at the second meeting after the second resolution is adopted by City Council then it would be anticipated that the proposed buyer for the Walesboro property is going to ask for abatement. To qualify for the abatement it has to be in the ERA which it currently is not. There are no guidelines to accepting a bid. Moving the April Redevelopment Commission meeting from Monday the 6th to Wednesday the 8th. Motion to advertising the sale of the Walesboro property was made by Matt Souza and seconded by Jim Lienhoop. Motion was approved.
Discussion Items
   3) Development--Tom Vujovich, Corey Carr, and Ed Curtin talked with County Council to talk about a development that is currently under consideration in Taylorsville. The development includes a little over 300 apartments, 2 hotels, and 3 restaurants. It is behind the Burger King and Speedway gas station. It is driven in part by the activity and the increase numbers that we will see at Camp Atterbury. The developer was looking for a couple of things. One was the development in the EID which allows them to access themselves which they can use as collateral for a loan for the project and also looking at a development of a TIF area. They will help pay for the cost if we go into this project together as an inter-local agreement to help things move forward. The Mayor wants the commission to help in only a short time to help them get going on the project.
Information Items
   4) None at this time
Board Comments

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