Call to Order

   1) Roll Call: Tom Vujovich, Steve Champion, George VanHorn, Jim Leinhoop, Rich Stenner
       Absent: Matt Souza
       Staff: Ed Curtin
       Guests: Sharon Renfro, Paul Minnis, Terry Coriden, Mayor Fred Armstrong, Jim Clouse, Steve Risting, Lex, (man next to Steve Risting)
Action Items
   2) Approval of Minutes
        a. March 2, 2009-Motion made by Rich Stenner and seconded by Jim Leinhoop. Approved.
        b. March 11, 2009-Motion made by George VanHorn and seconded by Rich Stenner. Approved
        c. March 30, 2009-Motion made by Rich Stenner and seconded by Jim Leinhoop. Approved
        d. April 10, 2009-Motion made by Rich Stenner and seconded by Jim Leinhoop. Approved.
   3) Tax abatement request for Sunright America—Jim Clouse presented. Should not affect the finances of the Redevelopment Commission since it is personal property tax abatement only. It is just under $2 million investment, $1,935,000 total. That is approximately $1.6 in manufacturing equipment and ¼ million in R&G equipment. This is in their new location which is in the north-side Northwest area of the building. It will create 4 new jobs. This is the second personal property abatement to install equipment into the building. Motion to move to City Council with our approval as it has no impact on our finances was made by Rich Stenner and seconded by Jim Leinhoop. Motion was approved.
   4) Contract for updating Phase 1 of Sears blocks—Ed Curtin presented. With the block being potentially donated to the Redevelopment Commission we need to update the Phase 1. We have a proposal from August Mack for $1,900 to do that work. Ed recommends that we except there proposal and start updating Phase 1. The attorney recommended that we table this item. Motion to table was made by George Van Horn and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approved. We will table it and bring it back later on if needed to.
   5) Change order request by Hagerman on the garage – earthwork—Ed Curtin presented. The total amount for the change order is roughly around $210,000-$215,000. It has to do with work related to each of the foundations for the columns on the garage. In the last meeting we asked that Terry review those. Steve Risting has had the opportunity to review these as well. Terry’s opinion after reviewing the documents is that consistent with the bid documents and consistent with the protocol within the industry that we have no responsibility for the sightings that they are told that undertaking sights and more samples than they should take before the bid. The recommendation is to reject the change orders. Motion is to deny the request for change order was made by George VanHorn and seconded by Jim Leinhoop. The request for the change order was denied.
   6) Claims—Have four dockets. CDI is for the finalized buildout. It is now complete. Motion to approve the claims was made by Rich Stenner and seconded by George VanHorn. Motion was approved.
Discussion Items
   7) Riverfront District—Ed Curtin presented. City Council approved the Riverfront District. That included the resolution and guidelines that the commission put together. A part of that is to establish a subcommittee of the redevelopment commission would review the applications and then bring a recommendation to the commission when those are submitted. We already have the 5 requests that are allowed. Jim Leinhoop and Steve Champion will volunteer to be a subcommittee to review the applications. We will do that this Friday and bring a recommendation back to the commission at our next meeting on June 1st. We will also send notice to those on our distribution list. Most of the information that is related to the Riverfront District is on the Redevelopment Website.
   8) Buxton Study—Have come up with a list with those who match Columbus’s DNA. If it wasn’t for the Heritage Fund we would never have been able to get Buxton to do this study. The point behind this is to match up the makeup of Columbus with what specific businesses are looking for and being able to say to them that they are losing money by not being in this particular market. It is to try and attract additional retail business to the community and try and help them be successful. There was a part that showed the supply and leakage in the area. It showed that in the case of restaurants, we have about an $8-$9 million leakage out of Columbus for a market that we were not capturing. This shows that we have opportunity in Columbus.
Information Items
   9) Staff Report—The completion of the Second Street Garage looks to be the end of June. We are working to get the Indoor Sports Complex started. We should be getting the updated environmental back this week and being able to get that up to the state. This is to get the property transferred to them so we can get it started. Sharon stated that we had a major cancellation for parking leases effective May 31st within the Jackson Street Garage because of Lamar’s office closing down. We do have a few people on the waiting list that we are contacting. The two restaurants are open and running. We are still working through the issues of the hood exhausts.
Board Comments

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