Call to Order

   1) Roll Call—Tom Vujovich, Rich Stenner, George Van Horn, Matt Souza
        Absent—Jim Lienhoop, Dr. Steve Champion
        Staff—Ed Curtin
        Guest—Kristi Belcher, Sharon Renfro, Jeff Bergman, Terry Coriden, Dave Hayward, Paul Minnis, Milo Smith, Diane Smith and her C4 class
Action Items
   2) Approval of Minutes
        a. July 6, 2009—Motion for approval made by George Van Horn and seconded by Matt Souza. Motion approved.
   3) Parking Fee structure—We want to propose how to operate the parking structure. There are two pieces. One is a pass parking where you’d get a card to gain access in and out of garage. It allows to control how people are using it and who is using it. They will not be allowed to give it to other people for use. This will take up the bulk use of the garage with 500 going to Cummins employees and 200 going to the apartment residence. The second piece is a fee based parking. It will help us control access to the garage, gain revenue, help control vandalism, and cover any costs incurred. There are other potential users of the garage. Candlewood, education center, and contractors for downtown projects and other visitors to the city. We have looked at some kind of free time for a certain amount of hours then will be charged if over. We could do straight rate or per hour or have a maximum rate amount. Have done a lot of research of garages in Bloomington, Indianapolis, and West Lafayette. They all charge a rate to use at about $1 per hour. Some have free parking for certain amount of hours but then charge a rate for anything more. Want data on the number of people who move their vehicles so that they get free parking. Gather data of parking systems along with input from Mayor and City Council. What is the projected use and revenue? No action is to be taken today.
   4) Claims—Motion made for approval by Matt Souza and seconded by George Van Horn. Claims are approved.
Discussion Items
   5) Height regulations for the downtown zoning district – Jeff Bergman presented. The Planning Department is looking to make changes to the height restrictions zoning ordinance within the downtown area. Would like to hear feedback from the commission since it’s fueling the discussions with many projects needing variances. The commission would like to keep Washington Street area to stay the same along with not taking away from the historical buildings. Suggest having Washington Street to have separate rules. The current is now 60 feet and up to 75 feet is allowed.
Information Items
   6) Staff Report—Commons is to start construction this week. The IDEM comfort letters are started for the Indoor Sports Complex. The Cummins employees have started to use the 2nd Street garage. We are getting calls for Jackson Street garage leases. We still have problems within the garage yet do not think that it is teens. There are currently no surveillance cameras in the garage but we are looking into them. We are thinking of strategically placing them for now.
Board Comments

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