Call to Order

   1) Roll Call—Tom Vujovich, Rich Stenner, George Van Horn, Matt Souza
        Absent—Jim Lienhoop, John Anderson
        Staff—Ed Curtin
        Guests—Kristi Putnam, Ann DeVore, Paul Minnis, Terry Coriden, Kristen Brown
Action Items
   2) Approval of Minutes
        a. August 9, 2010—Motion to approve the meeting minutes was made by Tom Vujovich and seconded by Matt Souza. Motion was approved unanimously.
   3) Recommendation for firm to do feasibility study—There were 3 proposals. They were Market Feasibility Advisors, National Sports Center, and GVA Marquette Advisors. Market Feasibility Advisors proposal was for $38,000 plus % up to expenses. National Sports Center was $75,000 (based on % of bond). GVA Marquette Advisors was $47,500 plus expenses. The recommendation was to accept the Market Feasibility Advisors proposal because of the lower cost compared to the other consulting companies, good background with work references similar to the size of Columbus. Motion to accept Market Feasibility Advisors as the consulting company for the market feasibility study for the Indoor Sports Complex was made by Matt Souza and seconded by George Van Horn. Motion was approved unanimously.
   4) Outdoor Sports Master Plan—This is the Outdoor Sports Complex sit. The property is owned by City Utilities just south of City Hall. The master plan includes the baseball fields for the North HS. The bidding will be for the fields and concession building with alternatives for the turf and netting. Construction is to start in January 2011. Motion to accept the master plan and start the bidding process was made by George Van Horn and seconded by Matt Souza. Motion was approved unanimously.
   5) Application for State Funds—There was another source of funds indentified with 0% interest and forgivable loan for remediation of the Wood Treatment Site. . This loan will be run parallel with the other funding sources. Motion to approve submission of the application was made by Rich Stenner and seconded by Matt Souza. Motion was approved unanimously.
Discussion Items
   6) None at this time
Information Items

   7) None at this time
Board Comments

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