The Redevelopment Commission met in an executive meeting Monday, December 6, 2010 at 12:00 p.m., at 123 Washington St. in the Legal Library, chaired by Tom Vujovich. Other commission members present were: George Van Horn, Matt Souza, Rich Stenner, and John Anderson. Also present were: Ed Curtin, Director and Terry Coriden, Attorney.
Matters discussed during the executive meeting were those matters previously advertised in the public notice. The board hereby certifies that no decisions were made and that only matters as advertised were discussed.
Call to Order
   1) Roll Call—Tom Vujovich, George Van Horn, John Anderson, Rich Stenner, Matt Souza
        Absent—Jim Lienhoop
        Staff—Ed Curtin
        Guests—Kristi Putnam, Mike Lovelace, Sharon Renfro, Max Lemley, Dave Hayward, Ann DeVore, Terry Coriden, Kristen Brown, Kirk Johannesen
Action Items
   2) Approval of Minutes—Motion to accept the minutes as submitted was made by George Van Horn and seconded by Matt Souza. Minutes were approved unanimously.
        a. November 1, 2010
   3) Resolution for application to state—Action was taken in August but it was requested by the State to be in a form of a resolution. It is for $500,000 for a grant to help remediation of soils on the former Columbus Wood Treating site. Motion to accept the resolution was made by Matt Souza and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approved unanimously.
   4) Crowe Horwath Contract—This is an agreement for financial consulting done by Crowe Horwath for the allocation areas for Pay 2011 through termination of the allocation areas. Motion to accept the agreement was made by Matt Souza and seconded by George Van Horn. Motion was approve unanimously.
   5) Recommendation for Sports Complex—There were 3 bids submitted by Shiel Sexton, Crider & Crider, and MacDougall Pierce. The working group, which includes Tracy Souza, Lynn Lucas, Jim Dietz, Ben Wagner, Hutch Schumaker, David Clark, John Green, Jeff Hester, Jim Kreutzjans, Mark Jones, Travis Tindell, Ed Curtin, and Tom Vujovich, recommends that the Commission make the recommendation to Board of Works to accept Shiel Sexton’s bid including the following: the base bid is for $7,550,000 with accepting Alt. 1 (Concession Stand w/heating & cooling) of $522,000, Alt. 2 (Concession Building w/space heating & cooling) of $31,000, Alt. 9 (Athletic field lighting) of $440,000, and Alt. 15 (6’ high fencing along foul lines) of $15,000. For a total of $8,558,000. Motion by Matt Souza to make the above recommendation to the Board of Works, 2nd by Rich Stenner, motion passed unanimously.
   6) Claims—There were 3 dockets. Motion to accept the dockets as submitted was made by Matt Souza and seconded by George Van Horn. Claims were approved unanimously.
Discussion Items
   7) Calendar for 2011—This is a list of the commission meeting dates for 2011. They will meet the 1st Monday of every month with the exception to City holidays.
Information Items
   8) Staff Report
Board Comments

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