Call to Order

   1) Roll Call—Tom Vujovich, Rich Stenner, Dr. George Van Horn, Matt Souza, Dr. Steve Champion, Jim Lienhoop
       Staff—Ed Curtin
       Guests—Kristi Belcher, Ann DeVore, Paul Minnis, Terry Coriden, Sharon Renfro, Dave Hayward
Action Items
   2) Approval of Minutes—Motion to approve the minutes was made by George Van Horn and seconded by Jim Lienhoop. Motion was approved.
        a. February 1, 2010
   3) Columbus Downtown Inc. Appointment—John Burnett stepped down due to increasing responsibilities with Eco 15. Staff recommendation is to appoint John Elwood to take over this position. Motion was made to select John Elwood as the Redevelopment Commission representative on the Columbus Downtown Inc. board by Matt Souza and seconded by Jim Lienhoop. Motion was approved unanimously.
   4) Transfer/sale /acquisition and leasehold agreements of real estate—Terry Coriden presented. This is for the property transfer between the airport and the Redevelopment Commission. Motion was made by Matt Souza to authorize Ed Curtin to proceed with advertising for the property transfer. Seconded by Jim Lienhoop. Motion was approved unanimously.
   5) Contract for legal services—Terry Coriden presented. This is for the legal services of Coriden Law Office. This is a retainer type of contract for a 12 month period. This is the same type of contract that other departments in City Hall have with the Coriden Law Office. In the past the commission has never paid for services. The only time paid was through an economic bond paid by Cummins. The motion was made by Dr. George Van Horn to enter in a contract between Coriden Law Office and CRC for legal services. It was seconded by Matt Souza. Motion was approved unanimously.
   6) Claims—There were 2 dockets of claims. Motion to approve the claims was made by Matt Souza and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approved unanimously.
Discussion Items
   7) None at this time
Information Items

   8) Staff Report—Ed Curtin presented his staff report.
Board Comments

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