The Redevelopment Commission met in an executive meeting Monday, October 4, 2010 at 12:00 p.m., at 123 Washington St. in the Legal Library, chaired by Tom Vujovich. Other commission members present were: Rich Stenner, George Van Horn, and Matt Souza. Also present were: Ed Curtin, Director and Terry Coriden, Attorney.
Matters discussed during the executive meeting were those matters previously advertised in the public notice. The board hereby certifies that no decisions were made and that only matters as advertised were discussed.
Call to Order
   1) Roll Call—Tom Vujovich, George Van Horn, Jim Lienhoop, Rich Stenner
        Absent—Matt Souza and John Anderson
        Staff—Ed Curtin
        Guests—Kristi Putnam, Max Lemley, Claudette Hayward, Kristen Brown, Paul Minnis, Ann DeVore, Dave Hayward, Terry Coriden, Bruce Donaldson, Mark Lindenlaub, Jason Hester, Alan Gultra
Action Items
   2) Approval of Minutes—The motion to approve the minutes as submitted was made by George Van Horn and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approved unanimously.
        a. August 9, 2010
   3) Crowe Horwath Contracts
        a. TIF neutralization worksheets—This will be in junction with the County Auditor in making sure all the paperwork is done correctly. The timeline for this to be completed by the end of this year. The motion to entire into contract with Crowe Horwath was made by Jim Lienhoop and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approved unanimously.
        b. Outdoors Sports Bond issue—This is to help prepare information to bring to City Council on the bond. The rates are the same. We hope to close the bond before next year. Motion to enter into contract with Crowe Horwath was made by George Van Horn and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approved unanimously.
   4) Notice to Bidders for parking equipment lease—This is to authorize to start the process of notifying bidders for the parking equipment in the Jackson Street Parking Garage. The equipment is to control the flow of the parking garage. It is similar as the Second Street Parking Garage. The motion to authorize the start of the process to notify bidders was made by Rich Stenner and seconded by George Van Horn. Motion was approve unanimously.
   5) Bistro 310 Renewal—This is part of the annual process of renewing a Riverfront District license. Bistro 310 has met the requirements set forth by the City of Columbus. It was recommended to provide a letter to the Mayor for a favorable renewal of the license. The motion to provide a favorable letter of recommendation to the Mayor for renewal of Bistro 310’s Riverfront License was made by Jim Lienhoop and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approved unanimously.
   6) Claims—The motion to approve the claims as submitted was made by Jim Lienhoop and seconded by Rich Stenner. Motion was approve unanimously.
Discussion Items
   7) Housing Partnerships Presentation – Mark Lindenlaub made a presentation on Housing Partnerships. They help impact the community by building houses for low income families, tear down unsafe houses, repair homes for the elderly, and help with the flood recovery. They currently have about 800-900 volunteers. They are looking into opportunities to correspond with the Redevelopment Commission on projects.
Information Items
   8) Staff Report—There will be a special meeting on October 19th to open bids for the Outdoor Sports Complex. Dan Martin from Market Feasibility Advisors met with us and others to get feedback on the Indoor Sports Complex. The Cole is moving forward and will start construction this fall. The Commons is moving forward. The curbs are in place and will start to see the playground take shape. The budget for this project is on track.
   9) Formal Complaint-- Mr. Curtin informed the Commission of Kristen Brown’s formal complaint to the Public Access Counselor regarding her request of documents from the Commission. Mr. Curtin informed the Commission that due a number of health issues with his children he had not been in the office from 9-14 – 24. Once he returned to the office he was able to determine that the Commission did not have nor ever had copies of the leases Ms. Brown had requested. Mr. Curtin also indicated he would work the Commission counsel to respond to the complaint filed by Ms. Brown with the state.
Board Comments

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