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The Columbus Riverfront Design is Rolled-Out!

November 9, 2017

A community -wide OPEN HOUSE was held November 8, 2017 at the Hamilton Community Center.   More than 100 community members, City employees, Hitchcock Design Team professionals and media attended.  The OPEN HOUSE was an awesome success.   The public was excited listening and watching 15 and 20 minute presentations that explained the details of the overall design and concept for our Columbus Riverfront.

This project promises to be a multi-year, multi-phase undertaking that transforms an unimproved waterfront to an interactive extension of Mill Race Park!   Adding limestone overlooks, ADA accessible pathways to the river’s edge, a 10-15 foot wide People Trail connection from the Observation Tower in Mill Race to Water Street downstream.  The People Trail will take pedestrians, bicyclist, runners and walkers, visitors, downtown workers, retirees, families and more under the 2nd and 3rd Street bridges – and all points in between.

Click here to see the latest designs and pictures of the OPEN HOUSE!

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Columbus Riverfront Project Website


Project Purpose & Background

  • Create vibrant, welcoming, environmentally stable & sustainable waterfront
  • Provide community and visitors with recreational and public art enhancements, “People Trail” connections, economic benefits, and 2nd St. ‘Gateway to the City’ beautifications
  • Build upon excitement and riverfront interest of Pump House renovation

Citizens Committee Goals

  • 10’-12’ Multi-use trail on the east bank of the river that connects to other pathways and trails in the vicinity.
  • River overlook areas
  • Low-maintenance materials, including those that will withstand flooding
  • Lighting to promote safety
  • Removal of low-head dam
  • Improvements to increase use of the river for recreational activities, including but not limited to the addition of riffles, rapids, or other water features to replace the dam
  • Repair of the erosion on the west bank of the river due to the low head dam and protection of both banks from future erosion
  • Beautification of the land on the west bank of the river, which may include trails or park- like features
  • Areas of public art to be incorporated in the future. It is anticipated that the selected design team will coordinate with the Columbus Area Arts Council for placement of the art.


December 2016: Summary Update
During the summer of 2016, a Riverfront Community Committee was formed. Representatives from the Arts Council, Columbus Young Professionals, Landmarks Columbus, the Visitors Center, community stakeholders, downtown merchants, and the City of Columbus Engineering, Parks & Recreation and Redevelopment Departments provided valuable input on what the community wanted to see along the riverfront.

The committee’s marching orders were to go into the community and gather citizen ideas on what was important and desired. From this research and idea generation, a “Request for Proposal” was generated.

After careful consideration, the Evaluation Team unanimously selected Hitchcock Design Group as the design team for recommendation to the Redevelopment Commission for the Riverfront Redevelopment Project. On December 19, 2016, the Redevelopment Commission approved entering into contract negotiations with Hitchcock Design in an amount not to exceed $229,000.

Following execution of a final contract, Hitchcock will begin working on several riverfront designs with plenty of opportunity for public input, engagement and interaction.   2017 will be a year filled with new riverfront ideas!

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