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Project Mission

The mission of the State Street Corridor Plan is twofold:

  • Create a long-term vision for enhancing the Corridor’s overall land use, economic vitality, physical appearance and image.
  • Create a set of practical implementation action strategies and initiatives for achieving Corridor Plan objectives and goals.


The State Street Corridor Plan represents the results of a collaborative process between the City of Columbus and State Street businesses, property owners and residents in creating a planning framework and vision for State Street’s long-term revitalization and development.

The collaborative process included a series of interviews and focus group sessions with key State Street leaders and stakeholders, public open houses, meetings with the Corridor Plan Steering Committee and consultations with the Indiana Department of Transportation. In turn, the community’s collective ideas, shared values and goals for State Street’s revitalization have been drafted in written form as a comprehensive vision statement – a statement that should inspire and motivate State Street residents and property owners to work together to implement various elements of the Corridor Plan. The vision statement also summarizes State Street’s key strengths and assets, identifies opportunities to improve the Corridor’s look and appearance, and provides direction for future business and economic development efforts.

Phase 1 Update 

Haw Creek Bridge Improvements and Gateway

By Spring 2017, the following will be completed. Construction is currently underway.

  • 54” high cable bridge railing system on both sides of the street for pedestrian and cyclist safety.
  • Architectural elements on each side of bridge provide bold visual statement and feature accent lighting.
  • Central Avenue gateway features brick plaza spaces formed as ‘gears’ to reflect the industrial arts heritage.
  • Plaza tree plantings provide an ‘outdoor room’ under the canopy and human scale to a busy intersection.
  • Bridge widened to accommodate 10’ wide side path on the north side and a 6’ wide sidewalk on the south.
  • Protective barrier between traffic and pedestrians, both sides.