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State Street Corridor Improvements Add Beauty, Improve Safety and Delight East Side Residents, Workers and Community

Gateway Nodes at the entrance to the State Street Bridge add night beauty to the East side corridor. Photo credit: C. Raskob

State Street Bridge now shines at night with elegant lighting adding safety and beauty to the East Side corridor. Photo credit: C. Raskob












UPDATE:  September 1, 2017

Now that all the finishing touches have been installed on the State Street Bridge (see pictures above), and Gateway Nodes are landscaped, Columbus residents, workers and visitors are enjoying the bridge’s elegant design features, pedestrian walkways and safe, updated passage to and from home and work.

The north side of State Street was first to start receiving a much needed – and much anticipated – FACELIFT.

Starting at the beautiful, newly designed bridge and all its architectural elements, and continuing all the way to Mapleton Street, the North side of State Street is boasting its first connection to the Columbus Trail System.  New 8-10 foot wide concrete sidewalks, new gutters and curbs, multiple new concrete driveways at business entrances are making sidewalks multi-purpose and accessible to all.   And there’s more yet to come.

New landscape and hardscape improvements on the north side of State Street are scheduled for October and November 2017.   Elements include:

  • Engraved brick installations
  • More than 300 feet of designed sculptural wave elements
  • New street lights
  • Improved overhead and bollard lighting, and, perhaps most exciting,
  • Unique green-spaces, trees, benches and gathering spaces!  Check this page monthly for updates!


Throughout September and continuing through the fall, State Street will receive nearly a FULL MILE of improvements – when considering BOTH DIRECTIONS!

The south side of State Street – from Mapleton moving westward toward the bridge – is next to receive their new facelift.

  • All new gutters and curbs will be installed.
  • Businesses and property owners will have new concrete driveways.
  • 6-foot wide concrete sidewalks will add safety and enhance curb appeal.
  • New street lights will be installed on some busy corners.
  • Fire hydrants will be reset.
  • Stop signs and street signs will be straightened and reset.

Construction will continue on the South side through September, October and November.   As progress continues,  photos will be uploaded so check back monthly for updates.

Right of Way Purchases:

The City of Columbus has purchased strips of Right-of-Way from various property owners along the South side of State Street.  This has allowed the sidewalk and driveway improvements to move along seamlessly.

Thank you to the property owners and others for your patience as improvements continue.

By the end of 2017, State Street will boast a beautiful, architecturally significant bridge portal to the east side of Columbus, and the east side of Columbus will be a shining representation  of safe streets, pedestrian and bicycle friendly pathways, greenspaces for families and visitors, economic opportunity and – simply put – Columbus at its best!

Check back often for more updates!

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