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With broadband availability becoming paramount in attracting and retaining businesses, communities are realizing that these services are no longer a luxury, but a necessity to remain competitive and therefore attractive. It is the vision of the City of Columbus that telecommunications infrastructure and services become enablers for commerce and economic growth.

In an effort to continue to promote the attractiveness and economic viability of Columbus, in 2006 the Technology Advisory Committee (TAC) was established and given the charge to encourage and enable the creation of world class telecommunications infrastructure and services for Columbus area businesses, residents and visitors.

Download >> TAC Enabling Ordinance

Our Vision and Plan for Columbus

Columbus is steadfast in building a world class community that will enhance the quality of life of its citizenry and improve its economic opportunity and welfare.  Information technology (IT), more specifically broadband technology, has been identified as being a driver for such enhancements.  To further the proliferation and omnipresence of broadband throughout the community, Columbus is directing its resources toward establishing itself as a world class connected community.

In its continued pursuit to become a world class community, Columbus defines the following as characteristics of the world class connected community it aspires to become:

  • Multiple consumer choices for competitively priced, reliable broadband voice, video and data infrastructure and services;
  • A well-connected and broadband enabled citizenry that utilizes broadband to improve its quality of life;
  • A public safety network of well-connected and broadband enabled mobile first responders;
  • A well-connected and broadband enabled local government focused on transparency, collaboration and civil engagement;
  • A well-connected and broadband enabled education network promoting innovation through access to digital education resources and distance learning; and
  • A well-connected and broadband enabled healthcare network promoting innovation through telemedicine and e-health.

Want to learn more?  Download a copy of our strategic plan.
Download >> Strategic Plan for Information Technology (2010-2015)

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