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2021 Employee Benefits2020-11-04T08:07:49-05:00
I’m going to decline all benefits. Do I still need to log in?2020-10-28T13:24:32-04:00

Yes. The City requires everyone to log in and decline benefits. Also, you have the City provided Life insurance that needs a new beneficiary form this year.

I can’t get to City Hall for the in person sessions. How can I receive some help with this?2020-10-28T13:29:20-04:00

We have 8 phone sessions; 6 of those are in the evenings, one is on a Saturday and 2 are days that are City holidays. If that still doesn’t work – let us know and we will find a way that works for you. 812-376-2570

I don’t understand this DocuSign thing. What is this about?2020-10-28T13:29:05-04:00

That is okay! DocuSign is a website that will show you forms that we need signatures on. You can “sign” the documents on the website (this is called a digital signature and is legal).  You will receive an email with forms that you will log into DocuSign and digitally sign on their website the day after you enroll. If that still doesn’t work, talk to the administrative assistant in your department.

Where can I find my employee ID number?2020-10-28T13:28:50-04:00

You can find this number on the top left corner of your pay statement/stub or by asking your department’s administrative assistant.

What documents do I need to turn in?2020-10-28T16:00:55-04:00
  • Healthcare acknowledgment (whether you elect or decline)
  • Are you taking employee plus spouse or family coverage?
    • We will need the spousal authorization form if you are insuring your spouse
  • Are you new to HSA?
    • We will need the First Financial application form, a copy of your driver’s license, and the HSA deduction authorization.
  • Not new to HSA?
    • We need the HSA deduction authorization
  • Taking any of the FSA accounts?
    • We need the signed authorization for each one
  • Not taking the FSA?
    • Nothing! No forms required
  • Taking dental and/or vision?
    • We need the dental and/or vision authorization form
  • Not taking dental OR vision?
    • Nothing! No forms required
  • Beneficiary form
    • For the City provided coverage even if you do not elect supplemental

City Employees

Important Telephone Numbers:

SIHO Member Services –  812-378-7070 or 812-443-2980

OptumRX Member Services – 855-524-0381

OptumRX Specialty Pharmacy – 877-656-9604

WellConnect Health Navigator – 812-343-9840

Guardian Member Services – 888-482-7342

LifeServices EAP – 800-822-4847

Benefits for City of Columbus Full Time Employees

The City of Columbus offers full time (30+ hours per week) employees a variety of benefit options such as paid holidays, health care benefits, voluntary life & ADD insurance, short & long term disability.

The City offers two SIHO-administered health benefits plans for our employees and their eligible dependents, as well as preventive health care coverage, and an extensive network of in-network providers

One option is a Preferred Provider Plan (PPO), and the second option is a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) which offers a Health Savings Account (HSA).

The Health Summary Plan Description (SPD) for Medical and Prescription Drug Benefits booklet describes your medical and prescription drug benefits and serves as the Summary Plan Description (SPD) and Plan document for the City of Columbus Employee Benefit Plan (“the Plan”). It sets forth the provisions of the Plan that provide for payment or reimbursement of Plan benefits. You can find it at City of Columbus SPD.

Do you need assistance with finding a Primary Care Provider? Click HERE for help!

Need Help Deciding What Medical Plan To Choose?
Click here to watch a short video: – Understanding PPOs and HDHPs

SIHO Annual Health Care Act Notifications

What information do I need to do my Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment walkthrough

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan for Employees or Spouses 65 and older Medicare Part D

Got questions: Contact the SIHO Member Services Line at (812) 348-4579 or email memberservices@siho.org


Enrollment information for NON-SWORN employees here.  If you elect voluntary life insurance, OneAmerica is including Accidental Death & Dismemberment at no additional cost for the same benefit amount as your life insurance.

Enrollment information for SWORN employees here. If you elect voluntary life insurance, OneAmerica is including Accidental Death & Dismemberment at no additional cost for the same benefit amount as your life insurance.

Why are they different?  Sworn employees do not receive Short Term or Long Term disability and Non-Sworn do!

The City currently provides short term and long term disability to Non-Sworn employees.  OneAmerica is now the provider for the long term disability. The Non-Sworn application will provide information about that benefit.

Do you need to change or update your beneficiary information? Here is the form for that!