On July 1, Governor Eric Holcomb announced the launch of a statewide effort to encourage Hoosiers to wear masks when in public places as part of the state’s continued effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community. The effort, dubbed “Mask-Up Hoosiers”, encourages local communities to join with the state to encourage the use of masks.

Even though Indiana is beginning to get back on track, we must stay vigilant and #INthistogether in order to keep our state healthy and prevent a second surge of COVID-19. As a part of this effort, the City of Columbus website, the Community COVID-19 Task Force website (http://www.covid19communitytaskforce.org) and social media channels will be sharing tips, helpful facts and other information about how to wear and procure masks, as well as other safety information around COVID-19 prevention efforts.

Resources for website and social media are available for businesses and organizations interested in joining this effort via the Google link below. These resources are available to use free of charge from the State of Indiana.


For more information about community efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19, visit http://www.covid19communitytaskforce.org or http://www.columbus.in.gov.