On Monday, August 17, OPTUM/Logistics Health Inc. will begin operation of a COVID-19 testing site at the Fair Oaks Mall property, (FOM) in the space formerly used by the JC Penney’s store.

The State of Indiana has contracted with OPTUM to run 50 COVID-19 testing sites across the state. The current site in Bartholomew County is located at the Armory – on airport property.

The City of Columbus and Columbus Regional Hospital (CRH) jointly own the FOM. The City and CRH were approached in early summer by both the State and OPTUM as to the availability of FOM for use as a testing site instead of the Armory. The Armory has no air conditioning and is not centrally located in the city.

City and CRH staff worked with Kim Showalter, the FOM General Manager to work through details. Both the City and CRH believe this is a valuable service for the community and want to provide safe and accessible access to COVID-19 testing.

The Fair Oaks Community Development Corporation (FOCDC) which oversees the mall, signed an agreement with OPTUM this week and they will officially transition the testing site to the former JC Penney’s site on Monday, August 17. OPTUM’s use of the site will continue at least through the end of September.