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I am behind more than three months’ rent. Can you still help? / Estoy atrasado con más de tres meses de alquiler; ¿todavía me pueden ayudar?

The assistance must bring you current with your rental payments. If you owe more than three months, you must pay the remainder of the delinquent amount prior to the assistance being granted.  La asistencia debe ponerlo al corriente con sus pagos de alquiler. Si debe más de tres meses, debe pagar el resto del monto [...]


How can I determine if I am eligible to apply? / ¿Cómo puedo determinar si soy elegible para presentar una solicitud?

There are various eligibility criteria for this program. Applicants must:  qualify as low-to-moderate income (at or below 80% of area median income based on the chart on page 1)  provide documentation of a hardship and future financial management. Examples of hardship are: loss of job, decrease in hours at work, unexpected medical bill or car [...]


How do I apply for the Program? / ¿Cómo solicito el programa?

Interested applicants must contact rental program staff at 812-376-9949 or via email at Prior to contacting, please calculate your current monthly income and total expenses (rent, utilities, car payment, car insurance, gasoline, child care, food, medical, loans, credit card, incidentals, etc.) as you will need to provide this information.  Los solicitantes interesados deben comunicarse [...]


What is the CDBG Rental Assistance Program? / ¿Qué es el CDBG Programa de asistencia de alquiler?

The program provides assistance to eligible residents who are in danger of becoming homeless. The program pays up to three months’ rent in order to prevent eviction.  El programa brinda asistencia a los residentes elegibles que están en peligro de quedarse sin hogar. El programa paga hasta tres meses de alquiler para evitar el desalojo.

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