The Columbus Fire Department provided first aid and CPR training to several Jr. Camp Counselors on June 17, 2022 . The teen counselors volunteer for Su Casa’s METAS summer camp program at Columbus Youth Camp. METAS (Making. Education. Thrive. Around. Summertime) is a FREE camp which provides an opportunity for elementary age students to engage in activities designed to retain educational achievements of the pervious school year throughout the summer months.

Captain Mike Wilson, Fire Department Public Information Officer, provided knowledge on identifying and treating injuries and medical emergencies such as bone and joint injuries, bleeding control and shock, heat related emergencies and cardiac arrest. The volunteer counselors also participated in several hands on exercises, including CPR training. “These young leaders have shown great interest in increasing their ability to provide aid to those in need. It is our hope that these teens will continue to build upon what they have learned and perhaps consider a future career in public safety. ” said Captain Wilson.