Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Columbus Fire Chief Andy Lay presented commendations to five department members at Tuesday’s Board of Public Works and Safety meeting. The recipients were awarded the department’s Medal of Courage for actions taken that resulted in the successful rescue an 8 year old child who had become entrapped in a laundry chute at a home on Forest Drive on September 22, 2021.

The firefighters, all of which are assigned to fire station # 2, responded to the home and found the child tightly wedged inside a laundry chute that extended from the second floor of the home to the basement. Firefighter worked for approximately 30 minutes to free the trapped child. The operation required the removal of a section of wall as well as the removal of a floor joist to free the child. The child was transported to the hospital for evaluation but was found to be uninjured as a result of the incident.

Recipients of the Medal of Courage were Captain Josh Allman, Firefighter Marcus Gruner, Firefighter Josh Carney, Firefighter Norvin Williams and Lieutenant Leroy Armstrong.

The Medal of Courage is awarded to a Firefighter who was involved in an act of bravery or who shows initiative and capability. Fire Chief Lay commended the work of the firefighters involved in the rescue. “This unique situation presented challenges that required coordinated efforts and quick action by all who responded in order to safely rescue this scared child from such a terrifying situation,” said Lay.


Image- The Names from Left to Right: Deputy Chief Mark Ziegler, Deputy Chief Mike Kutsko, Fire Chief Andy Lay, Capt. Josh Allman, Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop, Firefighter Marcus Gruner, Firefighter Josh Carney, and Firefighter Norvin Williams and Lieutenant Leroy Armstrong