Earlier today, concerned City of Columbus residents shared disturbing images of a flyer found throughout local neighborhoods that purported itself to be the truth. In reality, this vitriol was disseminated in an attempt to intimidate, harass, and bully our local teachers, business owners, and City officials. Law enforcement were alerted, and are doing all they can to obtain relevant information concerning this incident, and are reaching out to those directly targeted to ensure their physical safety. Let me be clear — the views espoused in this flyer are antithetical to the American values that we cherish and defend, and they hold no regard in the City of Columbus. In our city, we continue to welcome persons of all faiths, races, ancestry, and backgrounds. Their direct contributions have not only enriched our community, but have allowed our community to flourish economically, enabling us to continue to attract a dynamic workforce that supports local, regional, national, and international companies. We welcome them as our educators, our faith leaders, our entrepreneurs, our health care providers — our neighbors. This is what makes Columbus the “Unexpected and Unforgettable” community we are proud to call home. Together, we can foster and maintain a welcoming, inclusive attitude, which does not tolerate such hateful actions, or condones the spreading of misinformation intended to bring fear to our community and to our neighbors. If you or someone you know feels unwelcome or are the victim of hate, we want to know. The Human Rights Commission has an online reporting portal called Report Hate, where you can contact City staff. See columbus.in.gov/human-rights for more information. If you have relevant information that you’d like to share concerning this incident, contact the Columbus Police Department at 812-376-2600. Sincerely, James D. Lienhoop