Columbus Plan Commission – February 13, 2019

Columbus Plan Commission – February 13, 2019

Location: City Council Chambers – City Hall
Meeting Time: 4:00 p.m.


PUDF-18-06 Barkefellers (Staff Report & Materials)

RZ-18-10 Columbus Parks & Recreation Department (Staff Report & Materials)

PUDF-19-01 Menards (Staff Report & Materials)

ANX-19-01 & RZ-19-01 Nienaber & R.L. Rynard (Staff Report & Materials)

PP-19-01 The Village Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat (Staff Report & Materials)

DP-19-01 Century 21 Breeden (Staff Report & Materials)

Signed Minutes

For more information about the meeting or a specific case, contact the City of Columbus – Bartholomew County Planning Department at (812)376-2550.