Our police department is here to serve all citizens of Columbus, and is yet another city organization working hard to improve the quality of life for all our citizens.

Like cities across our state and nation, we face our share of challenges.
One of those challenges is Domestic Violence.  If you are at personal and immediate risk and are reading this – call 911. Safety is our first priority. If you need other support – please contact Turning Point Domestic Violence Services at 800-221-6311.  Their local professionals are available to assist you 24/7.

Domestic Violence is a crime that affects not only our families, but all of our society including seniors, children, teenagers and domestic partners.

Within our Columbus Police Department we have taken many steps to address DV:

We have implemented a domestic violence policy and have developed clear procedures when our officers are presented with domestic violence
We have established a designated domestic violence detective to review each domestic violence case – Sgt. Brian Plummer.   If not an emergency, our officers can be reached at 379-1689.

The city supports and participates in the Domestic Violence Action Team – a group of citizens and institutions working to reduce and eliminate DV in our community.

Our officers are trained in domestic violence intervention tactics to respond quickly and helpfully with community safety as our first priority.

Our officers are trained in report writing so that detailed evidence will be preserved and is available to the Prosecutor to evaluate in the filing of charges.

We arrest abusers as warranted by law and enforce orders of protection to keep abused partners and children as safe as we can.

Though not part of your city government, there are many resources in Columbus willing to help you if you are in an abusive domestic relationship.
Turning Point is dedicated specifically to the support of domestic violence victims. They can be reached at (812) 379-9844 or 800-221-6311.

Other community resources include:

Columbus PD/Bartholomew County Sheriff Dispatch Center
911 or (812) 379-1689

Prosecutor’s Office
(812) 379-1670

First Call for Help (phone numbers for agencies)
211 or (812) 376-6666

Centerstone Mental Health Crisis line

Bartholomew County Schools Crisis Line
(812) 379-7710

Su Casa
(812) -375-9370

Legal Aid
(812) 378-0358

Horizon House
(812) 376-9710

Love Chapel
(812) 372-9421

(812) 379-1555

Columbus Regional Hospital
(812) 379-4441

Volunteers in Medicine
(812) 376-9750


Domestic Violence Coordinator
Sgt. Brian Plummer
(812) 376-2626

Phone List
Turning Point Shelter
(812) 379-9844

National Domestic Violence Hotline
800-787-3224 TDD

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