OptumRx is the City’s pharmacy benefit manager.  The prescription drug benefit is included as part of the medical coverage is administered by OptumRx.  When you are having issues with a prescription, an employee or covered dependent should call OptumRX or the prescriber- SIHO will not be able to help you as they do not manage pharmacy benefits.

For questions or help with a prescription, call OptumRX: 1-800-356-3477

You are not restricted to certain pharmacies (with the exception of specialty prescriptions) and can even have your prescriptions delivered to your home.

Each health plan has different co-pays for prescriptions in the store and through the mail (PPO is different than HDHP). Some maintenance medications are at no cost to employees.

Beginning in March of 2024, medications available at the City-paid Health Clinic can be obtained at no cost by employees and dependents on City insurance with an appointment and a prescription from the Clinic!