All City employees, except for sworn Police and Fire, receive Short-term Disability and Long-term Disability insurance paid for by the City.

Short-term disability is designed to replace a portion of your income to help meet your financial obligations if you cannot work for an extended period due to a non-work-related accident or illness. Short-term disability pays 60% of an employee’s weekly pay (not to exceed $600) for 13 weeks after a one-week waiting period. The short-term disability benefit can be used after using paid time off down to two weeks (January to the end of June) or one week (July through December).

Long-term disability is designed to pay a monthly benefit if you cannot work due to a covered illness or non-work-related injury. Long-term disability pays 60% of an employee’s monthly pay (not to exceed $5,000) for a duration dependent upon the age when disability begins with a 90-day waiting period. Underwriting may exclude some conditions upon completion of the Long-term disability claim form.

Human Resources will work with the employee and the employee’s department while working through extended illnesses.  Please contact your department head if you believe you need and qualify for short-term or long-term disability.