The Columbus Fire Department announces the retirement of Lieutenant (Lt.) Bryan Brown. Lt. Brown joined the Columbus Fire Department in 1995. Brown retired on July 10, 2022, with 27 years of service. Brown obtained his Paramedic certification in 2002 also served on the department’s Hazardous Material Team. Brown was promoted to Lieutenant in 2015 and retires from his last assignment as the C-Shift Lieutenant of Fire Station 5.




The Columbus Fire Department also announces that Firefighter Daniel Acree has been promoted to Lieutenant. Joining the department in 2008, Acree is a 14-year member of the Columbus Fire Department. Acree obtained a Paramedic certification in 2014 and Hazardous Materials Technician certification in 2015. Lt. Acree has been assigned as the C-Shift Lieutenant of Fire Station 5.