Fireworks Information for 2020


In general, consumer fireworks may only be used at:

  1. Special discharge locations;
  2. The property of the person using the firework; or
  3. The property of another who has given the individual permission to use fireworks on their property.

However, please note that a person who sets off fireworks, even in a legal location, may still be held liable for any resulting injuries or damage caused to another person or their property.


Fireworks may only be used or possessed by individuals who are 18 or older unless an adult is present and responsible at the location of possession or use.

Dates and Times

Please be aware the City of Columbus ordinance limits the time-frame for use of consumer fireworks. The following time frames are protected times when the use of consumer fireworks are prohibited by state statute and may not be prohibited by local ordinance. The City of Columbus follows the protected times listed:

  1.  June 29 through July 3 and July 5 through July 9 between 5:00 PM and two hours after sunset, however, regardless of what time sunset occurs, no later than 11 P.M.; and
  2. July 4 and December 31 between 10:00 AM and midnight.